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February 9, 2009

Arrests over Israel boycott in Tesco’s

A group of people took produce labeled as WEST BANK as country of origin from a TESCO store in Swanseas City Centre. The two filled their trollies with dates, fresh herbs, fruit and salads. The trollies, full of produce were up-turned at the supermarket entrance and covered in fake blood to represent the lives lost in Gaza. Reported by undercurrents for

Relayed from Auntie Ziona’s Ketchup as a Weapon of Mass Distraction

Disappeared Free Gaza Activist Theresa McDermott Found in Israel’s Ramleh Prison

Dimanche, 08 Février 2009 20:10 Écrit par Free Gaza Movement


Scottish activist Theresa McDermott has been found in Ramleh prison four days after she was “disappeared” by the Israel government after being forcibly removed from a seaborne Lebanese aid mission to Gaza. In early February Theresa responded to a call for support from internationals from the organizers of a Lebanese humanitarian aid voyage to Gaza aboard the Togo flagged ship, Tali. Theresa was one of only 9 passengers aboard the cargo ship on February 4, 2009 when Israeli gunboats intercepted it, boarded and forced the ship to Ashdod port in Israel


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