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During a debate at a university in the United States, the Education Minister Cristovam Buarque, was asked about what he thought about the internationalization of the Amazon.The young American student began his question by saying that he hoped a reply from a humanist, not a Brazilian.

– Here is the response of Mr. Cristovam Buarque.

– Indeed, as a Brazilian, I rise simply against the internationalization of the Amazon. Regardless of the lack of attention of our governments to this heritage, it is ours.

As a humanist, aware of the risk of environmental degradation plaguing the Amazon, I can imagine that the Amazon is internationalized, as the rest everything that was important to all humanity. If, on behalf of a humanistic ethic, we must internationalize the Amazon, then we should internationalize the oil reserves in the world.

Oil is also important for the welfare of humanity that the Amazon is for our future. And despite that, the masters of oil reserves feel the right to increase or decrease in oil, or not to increase its price.

In the same way, we should internationalize the financial capital of the rich countries. If Amazon is a reserve pour all men, it may not be scorched by the will of its owner, or a country. Burning the Amazon is as serious as unemployment caused by the arbitrary decisions of speculators in the global economy.

We can not let the financial reserves burn whole countries for the pleasure of speculation.

Before Amazon, I would like to attend the internationalization of all major museums in the world. The Louvre does not belong to France alone. Every museum in the world is the custodian of the finest works produced by the human genius.

“We can not let this cultural heritage, Along with the natural heritage of the Amazon, being manipulated and destroyed according to the fantasy of a single owner or of a single country.

Some time ago, a Japanese millionaire decided to bury him with a picture of a great teacher. Before this happens, we should internationalize the table.
While this meeting takes place, the UN organize the Millennium Forum, but some presidents of countries have found it difficult to attend, because of difficulties at the borders of the United States.

I therefore believe that it would be New York, the headquarters UN or international.

At least Manhattan should belong to all humanity. Like the rest Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife, each city with its special beauty, and its history of the world should belong to the world.

If the United States want to internationalize the Amazon, because of the risk that runs the result of the leave in the hands of the Brazilians, then internationalize also the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States. If only by what they are able to use such weapons, which cause destruction miles Both largest deplorable that the Brazilian forest fires.

During their discussions, the current candidate for President of the United States have supported the idea of an international forest reserves the world in exchange for debt relief. Let us begin with this debt used to ensure that all the world’s children have the opportunity to eat and go to school.

internationalize children, treating them, no matter where they are born, as a heritage that deserves worldwide attention.

Even more so than the Amazon. When world leaders treat poor children of the world as a World Heritage Site, they do not leave work when they should go to school, they do not let die when they should live.

As a humanist agree to defend the idea of a Internationalization of the world. But as the world will treat me as a Brazilian, I will fight so that the Amazon stays ours. And only ours!