Actions needed: As time runs out Gazans slowly dying


Power, food, medicine, treatment and all aspects of live vanished from the Gaza strip. The 7 crossings are totally closed with no glimpse of hope to reopen them again. Israel went on more deep flagrant violations of all human laws as it blocked the UNRWA aids into Gaza.

750.000 UNRWA’s beneficiaries are exposed to hunger and lack of food.

On Saturday, the United Nations offices closed its food aid distribution centers and  20,000 Gazans walked away empty-handed from the UN food distribution centers.

More than 1 million live in deep darkness since 2 days as 80% of Gaza strip out of power.

John Ging, UNRWA operation director along with MP. Gamal El Khoudary, head of Popular Committee against Siege PCAS appealed to MR. Banki Mon UN Secretary general and Beneta verira EU Commissioner as well as all International officials to pressure on Israel to end siege and deadly collective punishment policy.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is shifting from “collective punishment to genocide,” said Jamal Al-Khudari, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and head of the popular committee against the siege in Gaza.

Please act now, please do something!

Will you let us die?

Please contact your representatives and ask them to use all their political might to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza!

Please demonstrate in front of the Israeli and Egyptian embassies in your country and ask them to open the borders!

Please STOP THE GENOCIDE before it will be too late !

Please let us know which kind of action you intend to do. May be we will not be able to read our emails due to the lack of power but try it :

In Gaza:

If not Gaza’s facts will go deeper than the info below!

In Gaza, Palestinian people are subjected to medieval siege and forgotten by the international community. The borders are totally closed.

-Around 80% of Gaza populations live under poverty line.

–  1.100.000 peoples depend on humanitarian aids provided by UNRWA, Arab, Islamic and foreign organizations.

-Unemployment ratio reached 65%

–  60% of Gaza’s children suffer from Malnutrition.

-About 97% of factories and workshops stopped working, specifically 3900 factories. The industrial zone of Gaza is completely closed.

– Individual income 650$ per year and 2 $ a day..

-Freedom of movement from Gaza to the West bank, Jerusalem and outside world is being blocked.

– Around 260 people died due to blocking them from either travel for treatment or lack of medicines.

–  Nearing to 40% of siege victims are from children.

–  About 150 of medicines sorts are not available in Gaza.

–  The only medical factory is halted due to shortage of raw materials.

–  Projects of constructing and developing hospitals, clinics and educational bodies are being suspended!

– There are still daily power cuts

We ask you to support the resistance of the people by mobilizing against Gaza Siege and Israeli occupation which kill gradually people. We call on whoever still believes in justice, humanity, liberation, and resistance against tyranny to stand with us and:

Ask an immediate end of the Gaza Siege

Expose Israeli occupation, apartheid, and colonialism

Reach out to your media!

Reach out to your political representatives!

Stop support Israeli apartheid!

Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),

PCAS Manager,

Sam AKi

Gaza – Palestine



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