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July 16, 2008

Samir Quntar

Samir is freed to day in the exchange of prisonners between Hezbollah and Israel. Samir Kuntar’s family await his return HERE

Samir spent 29 years in Israeli jails; his brother says that he did not kill the little girl whom he is accused of murdering. She was killed in the exchange of fire with the police.

“The Christians are Leaving”

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Assyrians, the indigenous people of the Middle East, leave home
by Salim Abraham July 07, 2008 (photo of Salim in London)

Salim Abraham

On a sizzling summer afternoon in 1974, my mother was trailing behind me, running hastily home to escape one of the stone battles that raged between neighbourhoods in Syria’s northeastern city of Qamishli.

Once we crossed the sand bridge that separated the Assyrian quarter from the rest of the city, we were out of the slingshots’ range.

This one was the last battle youngsters from the Assyrian quarter fought against Khanika, a neighboring Kurdish quarter, as the government soon tightened its policing of neighbourhoods.

The weapons in the battle were giant slingshots (called stone canons) and ghee can lids; the ammunition was stones. It was like a real war with trenches dug along the frontlines of the fighting neighbourhoods.

At the time, I was seven years old. I didn’t understand what was going on; why such wars broke out. The only thing my mother told me was: “It’s a fight between us and the Kurds.”

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Arabic and Islam : A few linguistic corrections

Saudi council of Muftis have given an unanimous Fatwa that ring tones
on QURAN AAYAT are haraam because theAAYAT are not complete when we
pick the phone and meanings of AAYAT changes when they are not
complete. QURAN is for Hidayat and not forring tones,

Please inform others


Don’t say ‘Mosque’
Say always ‘ Masjid’
Because Islam organization has found thats mosque = mosquitoes. During
the times of the Crusaders, when they heard the Athaan being performed
from the Minarets, it used to disturb them, like the buzzing of
mosquito’s, hence the word mosque.

Don’t write ‘ Mecca ‘
Write always correctly ‘ Makkah’
Because Mecca = house of wines

Don’t write ‘ Mohd’
Write always completely as ‘ Muhammad’
Becasue Mohd = the dog with big mouth.

Forward it as many Muslims as you can for Thawaab.

These points are important and it is our duty to educate our brothers
and sisters.

I am not a Muslim but I’ll oblige

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