From Layla Anwar’s blog
Do you have any idea what’s happening to the 4.5 million Iraqi refugees also known as DPs (displaced person) ?

DP no. 354,670,890,1001,2003…

DPs walking around with numbers and badges, carrying pieces of yellowed paper, application forms that they’ve shown over and over, old ID cards, expired passports, begging an administrator, supplicating an officer, knocking on NGOs doors only to hear what they’ve heard before —sorry we can’t help you.

Kawthar and her sister. Two orphaned women, the rest of the family has been murdered by the Mahdi Army, you know the Mahdi army don’t you? The ones you support as a “patriotic resistance”. Forced to leave their home in Baghdad and now in Damascus. The deal is they pay a rent they can’t afford in exchange for food, sharing an apartment with a Syrian family.

What about Qutaiba – Do you know Qutaiba ? He’s 20 years old. He dreams of becoming a doctor, no university accepts him and besides, he can’t afford it. He plays football with plastic slippers, he has no shoes. He looks forward to summer, so he can play football barefoot in some garbage dump that he considers his football field. “I am king here” he says, looking at the waste surrounding him.