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May 1, 2008

Gazans struggle to survive under Israeli blockade

Israel’s lockdown on Gaza has virtually stopped the flow of vital supplies, the economy is in tatters and even black market goods are becoming hard to find.

Fuel supplies are in danger of drying up completely forcing Palestinians to resort to desperate measures.

David Chater reports.

The world according to Monsanto

Watch it while it lasts and watch the following ones


To celebrate 60 years of
independence, Israel is
planning a large-scale
birthday bash with events
taking place in many
different countries around the

In Jerusalem, a 3-day
conference, under the title
“Facing Tomorrow” is
planned from May 13 – 15,
to which many world leaders,
such as U.S. President Bush,
and French President Sarkozy,
and celebrities such as Barbara Streisand and Steven Spielberg
have been invited and plan to attend.

It is wrong to celebrate and we need to do something BIG
to make the world, and those gathered to celebrate Israel,
see and hear us. We* have this idea and we need your
help to make it happen! On May 15, we will launch 21,915
(365 days x 60 years) black balloons over the skies of
Jerusalem. We aim to turn the skies over Israel’s
celebrations black to let people know that there is
another side of the story, a side of heartache, suffering and
dispossession. At the same time, each balloon will carry a
letter from a Palestinian child expressing his/her hope
for the future, to let the world know that we believe in
and dream of justice.
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Israel’s right to defend itself

Beit Hanoun

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