Monday, September 17, 2007
No Past, No Future…

Sumerian tablet

Is there anything in Iraq that the Americans have not destroyed ?
Anything at all ?
And you dare wonder why I detest you so much…And you have the audacity to come to my blog to question me about my origins, my location, my ideas, my roots, my sense of belonging…
What kind of a race are you ? What kind of a people are you ?
Yes, I said people not government. I am not politically correct. Your government is part of you and you are part of it. Like it or not.
And don’t come and tell me in your sheepish ways that I know all too well : ” Oh, but I did not vote for this one. ”
I don’t give a fuck whom you voted for or did not vote for. It is not my problem.
My problem is you. Your culture, your behavior, your mentality, your character, your haughtiness, your arrogance, your false pride, your denial, your collective stupidity and ignorance, your way of life which I find boring, empty and distasteful, your accent which is an affront to my ears…and to my senses.
I do not like you. Full stop.

I know, I know, some of you are good people…
I know, I know, America is not a homogenous group… I know all that shit.
It does not make one iota of difference in my life and that of other Iraqis.
I no longer give a damn about your nuances, your political leanings, how good or how bad you are…It is meaningless to me and to countless others.
Our lives have been ruined, totally ruined…We do not give a fuck about your nuances.
And all I know is that you have destroyed my country. Beyond repair.

The past – you have looted and destroyed. Trying to erase our collective historical memory…Our roots, where we came from, what our ancestors did, their achievements, their trials, their statues, their writings…

You do not know history, you are rejects of history. You have no history. You have no past, you have nothing…you are nothing.
You are nothing but ogres of consumerism. Not just material stuff, but anything you can swallow whole you will. You even swallow other people’s history whole.

You are a greedy, covetous, gluttonous, voracious, jealous, envious people…
Since you are nothing, your nihilism contaminates everything else…

You destroy and self destruct…

No Future – You have no future, because inside of yourselves, your future is limited to your own little egos. Little egos have no future. Little egos are amoebas, parasites, feeding off others…You think you have a vision but your vision is only about your stomach, your pockets and what you have in between your legs…That is it.

This is where it stops. Surely this does not make you seers…
What have you contributed to the world ? Anything of real substance? Nothing. Apart from brutal might and power… and your sickening culture that is as hollow and as empty as you are.

And just as you have no real future, you robbed us of our own. You are collectively a bunch of criminals, thieves, thugs and perverts of the worst kind.

Since your fucking 9/11, you have totally destroyed two countries. Afghanistan and Iraq.
And you have not stopped. Not one day, not one hour…

You wanted regime change in Iraq – you got it.
You also changed us, me, beyond anything I can recognize…I never hated you before. Today I do. I really hate you.

You collectively disgust me. Even our ancient Mesopotamian deities and spirits are disgusted with you. Every single letter of the Alphabet is disgusted with you.
The earth, the rivers, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the birds of Iraq are disgusted with you…The cosmos is disgusted with you …

Everytime I spot one of you anywhere in close proximity and hear that ugly accent of yours I run away…I avoid you like the plague. I can’t bear to hear you or see you.
You represent nothing but Death and Destruction to me.
Your ugliness is all pervading…
Everytime I switch on the TV or the Radio and see or hear one of you, I zap. I wish I can zap you out of my life once and for all…

I know, I keep repeating myself, but then you keep repeating the same acts.

Iraq is going down, with its past and its future…

I can only promise you one thing, however long it may take, we are going to take you down with us.

Picture :A Sumerian Cuneiform that you have looted and destroyed.

Posted by Layla Anwar

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